Wednesday, August 27, 2008

litter bugs

How sad! Summer is almost over. Or rather, what I think to be summer is over. Lazy July and August days. Ha. Not this year. But this isn't a blog about work, it's a blog about things, loves, interests, that define me further than a work title (or at least, my present one) could ever.

Lately, NYC is getting to me (lately, you say?). How hard is it to throw away your straw wrapper, in one of the NUMEROUS trash cans that inhabit our sidewalks. Or HOLD ON TO YOUR TRASH until you get off the train where, low and behold, there are MORE trash cans. Refuse on the tracks isn't just about garbage: I can't tell you how many times I have been late for work due to track fires most likely caused, and certainly not helped, by track litter.

I don't know what the root of this ambivalence may be. There are PSAs everywhere. Some may argue, "Well, it's the poor, ignorant people who throw their bottles of soda on the ground." Really, then why have I seen swell suited business-types throwing their empty cigarette packs on the ground? "Oh, it's because there are larger issues in life. We all got stress." Please. I'm a single mother in NYC with ALL kinds of issues (again, not that kinda blog). I THINK about throwing my trash in the correct receptacle!

All that to say, even the farmer's market, where people who one would think are more eco-conscious, if not friendly, is littered with cups from the lemonade and honey iced tea (yum), water bottles, and newspapers. Pick your shit up, people!

Another post soon... friendlier, nicer.... less bitchy :)