Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yesterday, I carried around a Starbucks cup from East 63rd, dry cleaners on Court, home, Le Pain Quotidien and Whole Foods in Union Square, the farmer's market at Boro Hall, and Kinko's. Oh yeah, then back home. In fact, I'm pretty sure today (day after yesterday), that the cup is still in my bag. Why, you may ask, are you a trash-carrying hobo, schlepping over the boroughs with Starbucks refuse? Well, I had to work (that's the schlepping part), but Starbucks (at least the one on the UES) doesn't recycle. I do. Hence, I brought the [empty] cup home with me. It's great to use recyclable materials, but if you don't offer people a place to dump it, what's the point? I am fortunate to live in NYC: there are many a recycling bins (stores, peoples' trash cans in front of their brownstone), but what about other places? Like, for instance, Ft. Meyers, FL. Just there. Patronized a Starbucks (I know, I know- there are many more delicious coffee places- I generally don't buy there. Just in a pinch. And in FL.) No recycling bins! AND my grandmother (with whom I was staying), wasn't able to recycle that number (bummer).

Starbucks also sells fair trade coffee. However, it's a rare day when there's fresh brewed for purchase. C'mon! Yeah, your shares are down. Yeah, you're laying people off. So, jump on the cool, hip "Green" band wagon and re-vamp your image!!! Use reusable cups for cold beverages for customers lounging around the store, slurping their orange-mocha frapuccinos. ALWAYS have a fair trade option. Give people money off when they bring their own mug (at all corporate owned stores) (side note: is Starbucks a franchise? Must do research. Will get back to you on that). Heck, your logo is even GREEN! And it's a mermaid! Way organic-chic, bobo etc.

This isn't a tirade about Starbucks. I mean, I do go there from time to time. Although I'm trying to increase the times between time that I frequent the place (also, I don't think their coffee is that great. Sue me). I bought this great book- Greenopia- that has a multitude of local and eco friendly coffee shops (denoting those with free WIFI!!!). Those of you in SF and LA, you too have access to it's breadth of knowledge: NYC and the two fore mentioned are the only spots, at the moment, that have a version of the publication. Their website foreshadows it will be coming soon to a city near you. Or at least those of us who live in urban to semi-settled areas.

Did y'all hear about the Who Farm, sitting outside the Apple Store by Central Park? Funny article in the Metro this am.

Thoughts for future posts: the accidental environmentalist (Myra's dad and my mom); (thanks, Gabe!); cookbooks for locavores...

Gotta go empty my purse again: Tahini's and the bodega across the street's refuse is funking up my purse :)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogging Virgin

I like to write. My friends are scattered like wildflower seeds by birdies. I stay up late, thoughts coursing through my mind. I have a lot to say. I'm bored in at my mother's home. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a blog, no? But a blog needs a focus. Or at least in my opinion it does. Don't get me wrong: this here web page will be peppered with anecdotes from my personal life (Duh: I'm writing it), but the ultimate purpose of my writing aims to inspire, convert, further and just plain let you know about my passion for "green" living.

Let's remember: blogging (on this page, anyways), is stream of consciousness. Sometimes, posts will ramble (because I do). Sometimes they will be sad. Or angry. Or happy. Or crazy (because I sometimes am). Mostly, I'd like to start a dialogue amongst friends and friends not yet made, sharing tips, ideas, musings, and goods/services that will help us define "sustainable" and "green" in real words and ways.

First off, I'm home in MA. Man, it's hard to get/ do all the conveniences I am used to in Brooklyn! I want coffee. Mom is out of beans. Back in a different borough, I would head down my stairs, go to the shop below my apartment, and pick some up. Or better yet, head to the bodega, Jesse's, or if feeling swankier (and "greener"), go to Blue Marble and pick up some fresh brewed. At Mom's, I have to get in the car, drive for 10 minutes, pick up some java, and drive 10 minutes home. That seems like such a waste, especially considering the price of fuel. Then, add the fuel and resources that it took that bag o' coffee to make it here to non-tropical MA. Even NYC, despite being easier (read: quicker) to grab. Combine that with all I have been reading about carbon footprints, fossil calories and fair trade. It's enough to put a girl off caffeine for life!

Instead of being fanatical and/or obsessive (both of which I specialize), I made a cup of tea. Next time I go out, I'll pick up some coffee beans. It's like the old adage: killing two birds with one stone. However, killing birds is a whole other post that I am not prepared to write. So, I bid you adieu. After popping my blogging cherry, I feel satiated, like I said my piece, got my wit down for the day. Hey, don't be judgmental! I'm on vacay. Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) words of wisdom will drip like raw, sustainably harvested honey.