Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blogging Virgin

I like to write. My friends are scattered like wildflower seeds by birdies. I stay up late, thoughts coursing through my mind. I have a lot to say. I'm bored in at my mother's home. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a blog, no? But a blog needs a focus. Or at least in my opinion it does. Don't get me wrong: this here web page will be peppered with anecdotes from my personal life (Duh: I'm writing it), but the ultimate purpose of my writing aims to inspire, convert, further and just plain let you know about my passion for "green" living.

Let's remember: blogging (on this page, anyways), is stream of consciousness. Sometimes, posts will ramble (because I do). Sometimes they will be sad. Or angry. Or happy. Or crazy (because I sometimes am). Mostly, I'd like to start a dialogue amongst friends and friends not yet made, sharing tips, ideas, musings, and goods/services that will help us define "sustainable" and "green" in real words and ways.

First off, I'm home in MA. Man, it's hard to get/ do all the conveniences I am used to in Brooklyn! I want coffee. Mom is out of beans. Back in a different borough, I would head down my stairs, go to the shop below my apartment, and pick some up. Or better yet, head to the bodega, Jesse's, or if feeling swankier (and "greener"), go to Blue Marble and pick up some fresh brewed. At Mom's, I have to get in the car, drive for 10 minutes, pick up some java, and drive 10 minutes home. That seems like such a waste, especially considering the price of fuel. Then, add the fuel and resources that it took that bag o' coffee to make it here to non-tropical MA. Even NYC, despite being easier (read: quicker) to grab. Combine that with all I have been reading about carbon footprints, fossil calories and fair trade. It's enough to put a girl off caffeine for life!

Instead of being fanatical and/or obsessive (both of which I specialize), I made a cup of tea. Next time I go out, I'll pick up some coffee beans. It's like the old adage: killing two birds with one stone. However, killing birds is a whole other post that I am not prepared to write. So, I bid you adieu. After popping my blogging cherry, I feel satiated, like I said my piece, got my wit down for the day. Hey, don't be judgmental! I'm on vacay. Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) words of wisdom will drip like raw, sustainably harvested honey.


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