Friday, May 29, 2009

The List

Inspired my good friend, Sara, I've decided to compile a list of things I want/ need/ must do. Some may take longer than others, some may just occur organically, others may need to be thoroughly planned out. While I'm no Secret-fanatic, I do believe in putting positive energy out into the universe. So here goes...

1) Pay off all my credit cards
2) Buy a used car that's GREAT on gas (no giving into my SUV temptations...)
3) Visit Diana and Marguerite at least once a year (or vice verse)
4) One family (as in Honora and I) vacation at least once a year
5) One grown-up (as in no Honora) vacation once a year
6) Meet and make friends with 3 new people in MA
7) Visit NYC at least once every two months
8) Eat 80% organically or cleanly (no preserved, prepared or fast foods)
9) Try at least one new non-chain restaurant in MA once a month
10) Take Honora to a museum/ children's event at least once a month
11) Complete at least one yoga session at least once a week
12) Try Pilates, and keep at it for at least several weeks
14) Meet someone and fall in love <3
14) Use cloth napkins whenever possible
15) Engage my family (save my green-as-an-apple mom) in recycling, reusing, re-purposing, not wasting
16) Leave my BlackBerry at home when I'm on vacation and the weekends (unless it's Google or GPS-ing, then it's ok)
17) Send birthday cards to all my friends and family this year, in a timely fashion
18) Send random "Thinking of you" cards and emails to all my good friends (S, S, T, C, M, D, L, E, E, L, K)
19) Substitute green tea for black at least twice a week
20) Find an acupuncturist in MA and go at least once a month for stress
21) Become amazing at Achievement Series
22) Flourish in my new position
23) Save at least $1500 per month
24) No work email on vacation!!!
25) Take at least walks with Honora per week
26) Get my nails (toes and fingers) painted at least once a month
27) Facials and massages at least once every two months
28) Buy a Wii and Wii fit to do yoga :)
29) Make a bedside table a la design sponge model
30) Hang shelves in Honora's and my rooms
31) Brush up on my French- either Rosetta Stone or some other tool
32) Read at least two novels in French this year (end of yr- Dec '09)
33) Pay all my bills on time, and an on-line so as not to waste paper
34) Plan a kick ass shower for Martina
35) Visit my Gram at least once this year, with Honora
36) Destination Thanksgiving: either OR, CA or NYC

More to come....

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  1. Yay! Just saw this! I've found my list super motivating. We can talk about it more when you're here in a week and a half. Hurrah!